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Ancient Evidence: The Anunnaki

The Anunnaki

The Ancient Sumerians

Ancient Sumer was the oldest civilization in Mesopotamia, now known as Iraq. Researchers believe this was among the first civilizations to appear on Earth. Ancient Mesopotamia had four main kingdoms: The oldest was Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, and Assyria. This civilization is credited with being the closest to modern society. Over 6,000 years ago, this ancient society had agriculture, religion, cosmology, astronomy, language, science, medicine, math, royal hierarchy, schools, and a structured justice system. In centuries past, many excavation missions in the area have recovered thousands of Cuneiform tablets. These recoveries provided some of the first physical evidence of this ancient kingdom. The Sumerians invented the legendary Cuneiform writing system.

The Cuneiform writing system is wedged-shaped writing with a stylus on clay and stones tablets. Archaeologists also discovered the ruins of the capital city of Ur, the home of Abraham from the Bible. In the acclaimed city of Ur, inside of the stepped Great Pyramid of Ziggurat, more Cuneiform tablets and tombs of Gold were unearthed. Ziggurat is the name of the pyramids built in Mesopotamia. According to the ancient texts, the religion was Polytheism, meaning they worshipped many gods. Their gods were both male and female, often portrayed in human form with the personality of a human. The gods were seated in a political hierarchy. There were the heavenly gods, high-level gods, and lesser-stature gods who inhabited the Earth and the Underworld. Many questions about this ancient culture may have been answered when Zecharia Sitchin published his ground-breaking book named, “The 12th Planet”.

The Anunnaki from the Planet Nibiru


The Ancient Astronaut Theory researchers believe the Cuneiform tablets describe events and circumstances other than just an ancient race. The tablets describe a group of divine extraterrestrial beings known as the Anunnaki. Anunnaki means, “those who came from heaven”. According to the Sumerian texts, these advanced otherworldly beings are the offspring of God and in the hierarchy of the heavenly gods. The Anunnaki are the Supreme Deities and among the most mysterious of powerful gods of all sacred texts. The early Sumerians described them as being Humanoids combined as non-physical spirit beings. These deities had non-human capabilities such as shape-shifting. They descended to Earth on a special mission to mine for gold. In the Cuneiform text, the Anunnaki is described in great detail of how they lived for hundreds of years, had tremendous knowledge of the Universe, consciousness wisdom, power over the world, and elements with advanced knowledge of science and arts.

Sitchin studied the Sumerian Cuneiform tablets for 30-years and he maintained that these Sumerian gods were in fact aliens that landed on earth in Mesopotamia. These gods arrived on Earth from the planet of Nibiru. They needed gold for the failing atmosphere of their planet as a means to repair it. They are represented as winged giant gods with coneheads, and some have faces like birds with beaks. They are very human-like wearing what is similar to wristwatches in their depictions. They imparted advanced technological knowledge to Earth to move society forward. In the Sumerian texts, they are revered as very special divine beings.

Anunnaki and the Creation of Man

When the Anunnaki made it to Earth to mine for gold, they realized it would be an exhausting, hardworking, and difficult feat. They decided to create men as workers to mine the gold for them. This ancient legend is recorded on clay tablets that detail the accounts of the creation of Earth, man, and the lives of the gods. Two palaces were excavated that held sacred archives totaling from 20,000–30,000 tablets. Documented on seven of these tablets is the Babylonia creation myth called the Enuma Elish also known as the “seven tablets of creation”. The Holy Bible explains the short version of creation, the Sumerian tablets are a more detailed version.

The Enuma Elish distinctly describes alien space travelers who possessed a highly advanced knowledge of genetic engineering with the manipulation of DNA in human beings. Through many trials, the Anunnaki began to create a dutiful worker in the form of humans. According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, our ancestors were given conscious intelligence by a deliberate change of our DNA by these travelers. This elevation in consciousness allowed for the advancement of technology to progress into what we see today. According to Sitchin’s translations, the Anunnaki created humans and also had a hand in mankind’s downfall when a great flood nearly destroyed all life on Earth.


Sacred Texts, Mythology and Anunnaki Similarities

Comparisons exist between the Babylonian myths, the Hebrew Bible, and writings from the Sumerian Kings-list. The Kings-list was discovered on a tablet dating back to 2100 B.C. The list contains names of 140 Kings and these deities had enormously long lives. Kings were noted to have ruled for thousands of years. Longevity is found in the Bible in which Noah and Methuselah lived to be about 800–900 years old. There are many legends around the world that describe beings descending from the sky. Beings such as the Angels, the Flying Serpent of central America, and the Star People of the Anasazi. The story of otherworldly beings coming to Earth from the heavens is a very common theme in ancient mythology and religion. Do these stories have a basis in truth?

In ancient history, there are stories that are similar to the Anunnaki. These stories tell of extraterrestrials not from Earth coming to assist mankind and influencing humanity. There are tales of aliens interbreeding with humans. These stories all help to give credibility to the legend of the Anunnaki. The passage in the Bible of the Nephilim is found in the six-chapter of Genesis. It tells of the sons of God mating with the daughters of men producing giants known as Nephilim. The Nephilim are the offspring of those beings who came down and mated with humans. They also possessed supernatural knowledge that was shared with humanity.

In Greek Mythology, Zeus was the ruler of the gods and is said to have fathered two-hybrid sons. Their names were Hercules and Perseus, both made with Earthly women. The Book of Enoch describes the “Watchers”, angels who fell from heaven and procreated with humans. Every culture around the world from Hindu, Africa, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Mayans, etc, all have similar descriptions of these star beings coming to earth from the heavens and co-creating hybrids who were half otherworldly and half-human.

Shuruppak, Iraq, 1931, while digging archaeologists find what they believed to be evidence of a great flood dating back to 2900 B.C. According to the Sumerian Kings-list, the last Sumerian King, King Ziusudra, was king before the great flood happened. King Ziusudra’s story is similar to that of Noah in which he survived the flood constructing an ark to save his family. According to the ancient Sumerian legend, the great flood was not a natural event, it was directed by the Anunnaki god Enlil. There were two leaders, Enlil and his half-brother Enki. They were in the authority of the group of Anunnaki positioned on Earth.

Enlil was tired of the disruption of humans and purposely caused the flood. He felt procreation was out of control, humans were troublesome and thus needed to be erased. The condition of Earth enraged him. Enlil decided the best way to eliminate humans was by creating a flood. His brother Enki took the human’s side and protested that humans needed to be preserved. According to legend, Enki warned King Ziusudra to build a boat to prepare for the flood. The link that all ancient cultures have is the many legends of floods recorded in ancient accounts. It is made extremely clear in both texts (Sumerian and Bible) that the flood was something the gods purposely created.

The Anunnaki and the Future of Our Planet

The Ancient Astronaut Theory believes the monumental story of the Anunnaki is based on fact. These stories describe flesh and blood beings that humans are in the likeness of. Physical beings that came here in giant spaceships and our ancestors adored them as divine gods. Nibiru is on a concise path that brings the planet into our orbit every 3,450 years. The next orbit is projected for the year 2900. The next time the planet Nibiru comes into our orbit, there might be another appearance of the Annunaki. Will they be overjoyed to see what has developed? What we have become over time? Or will they be upset and think we have veered off course? Are they walking among us today?

When humans connect with the Anunnaki, it will mean the stimulation of evolution. These beings join into the human culture and consciousness. When they return (or show themselves currently), based on the past records, we can expect to see new technological advancements, new wisdom, and new ideas planted into the human consciousness. The Anunnaki’s involvement with the Sumerians is a legacy of information to help us understand where we come from. Stories of ETs who arrived on Earth in the remote past and always with the promise that they will someday return.


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