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Most People Like Their Bosses, Anti-Work Environment Is A Myth, Reckons New Survey

In popular culture, bosses have always been perceived as some kind of antagonist. And you would expect people to crib about their bosses while talking about their jobs. However, a recent survey of workers from Canada and the United States of America has pointed out otherwise.

In a published article in The Conversation, Scott Schieman, Professor of Sociology and Canada Research Chair, University of Toronto, has pointed out that the anti-work narrative is a myth and the employees are satisfied with their respective bosses.

The belief that the anti-work environment is evolving because of the increased number of bad supervisors has been put down by the survey.

In recent times, the term Quiet-Quitting, a demonstration of work-to-rule where employees do no more than the minimum work required by their contract, is gaining momentum among working professionals, especially among the Gen Z population. The rise in this latest trend has been attributed to unsupportive and incompetent bosses. But the survey suggests else way.

The survey report for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 for Canada has witnessed the employers’ positive response to their company’s lead. In 2019, most Canadians reported having a good rapport with their bosses. Nearly around 72% of working professionals have given a thumbs up for professional qualities like supportiveness, fairness, and competence.

The year 2020 also observed positive responses, and the employees rated their bosses in the green category. Even after the COVID-19 pandemic, the percentage reporting a five-star to their bosses was a 47 per cent increase in 2020 from 39 per cent in 2019 and held steady in 2021 until softening only slightly to 45 per cent in 2022.

The survey in the United States has also proved that the employees are satisfied with the working regulations of their leaders. Respondents make it clear that the anti-work narrative is a myth, at least in the case of employees from Canada and the United States.


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