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The New Disease will be very serious and contagious.

The Warning will be an illumination of your consciousness that will show you the good of the bad without any rationalization. Everyone will have this supernatural out-of-body experience at the same time and where you will be brought before me into my Light. life showing all your good and bad deeds with an emphasis on your unforgiven sins and your sins of omission. At the end of this life review, you will see where you will be judged to go, either to heaven, to purgatory or to hell. Then you will get a little glimpse of what it will be like where you were judged to go. Then you will be brought back into your body, and through my mercy you will be given a second chance at a better life.


From the Association of Our Lady of Christianity One must seek out at least all the mortal sins which are remembered and which have not yet been confessed in a good confession and to a priest having powers to absolve. A sin is mortal if there is: material gravity, full knowledge and full consent. Indicate, as far as possible, their species and their number (even for desires). For this we ask God for the grace to know one’s faults well and one examines oneself on the Ten Commandments and the precepts of the Church, on the deadly sins and the duties of our state. It will be necessary to think of accusing also the sins which have could have been committed by omission. N.B.: Confession is sacrilege when faults have been deliberately concealed deadly.


1st Commandment: “Thou shalt worship God alone, and thou shalt love him more than everything. » Is God at the center of my life? Is there really for me a Father for whose love I respond with total love and generous obedience? Is Jesus truly my Master and my model, the one whose faith and sacraments? Failures by omission or negligence in the prayers (morning, evening, in temptations) and the reception of the sacraments. Warmth. Human respect for manifest his faith. Word or deed against religion. Membership of movements incompatible with the Catholic faith. Superstitions, spiritualism. To have tempted God. Sins against faith: refusal to adhere to one or more revealed truths. Voluntary doubts. Negligence in his own religious formation. Readings, programs and shows that undermine faith or morals. Sins Against Hope: Lack of Trust in Goodness and Providence of God. Towards our neighbour: refusal to see God in our brothers; hatred, contempt, teasing; refusal to assist his neighbor in grave necessities.

2nd Commandment: “You shall not pronounce the name of God except with respect. » Transgress the oaths and vows made in his name. Associate his name with false or unnecessary oaths. To blaspheme his name, that of the Virgin or of the saints. To utter imprecations against oneself or against others.

3rd Commandment: “You shall sanctify the day of the Lord. » To have missed Holy Mass through his own fault, to have arrived late. Have done or cause to be done “labours and occupations which interfere with the worship due to God, the joy proper to the day of the Lord, or the proper relaxation of the mind and body” (can. 1247). Having been to amusements or dangerous meetings for faith or morals.

4th Commandment: “You shall honor your father and your mother. » Children of all ages: Lack of love, respect, obedience (in the limits of their authority), recognition and assistance (material, spiritual) to parents. Parents: not showing affection to all their children; don’t give them the example of a virtuous and Christian life. To those still under their dependency: shortcomings in their human and Christian formation (religious instruction, choice of school); and in its duties of supervision, advice and necessary corrections. All: interest disputes in the family. Shortcomings in the fulfillment of the work with the respect due to authority (in the profession, in community life) or in the responsibilities of managers (honest working conditions, fair pay, respect for employees). Insubordination to just civil laws (taxes, military service, civic duty).

5th Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill. » Murder, attempted suicide, recklessness exposing to kill or injure his next (risky sport, serious and voluntary transgression of the highway code, driving while intoxicated). Anger, disputes, revenge, refusal to forgive, grudges, envy, jealousy, dope. Excess in drinks, gluttony. insulting attitude and outrageous. Participation (by action or omission) in the sterilization, abortion, euthanasia, suicide. Incitement to violence, to the class struggle. Racial or ethnic hatred.

6th and 7th Commandments: “You shall not commit impurity. You will not have willful impure desire. » Thoughts, desires and acts committed alone or with others against purity. Dishonest conversations and songs. Readings, shows (TV, films, …), frequentation of places exposing to impurity. Responsibility in sin others (provocative dance, fashion and attitude). Married persons: Limitation of the use of marriage to infertile days without serious cause. Contraceptive means, punctual or permanent. Refusal of spousal rights. Adultery (thoughts, desires, actions). Emotional infidelity. Extra link matrimonial. Divorce. “Remarriage”. Betrothed: Manifestations of excessively sensual tenderness. Pre relationships matrimonial. Cohabitation.

8th Commandment: “Thou shalt not lie. » Lies. False testimony. Unfair accusations. Rash judgments. Slanders (persons or institutions). Secrets violated. Gossip, gossip. Refusal to repair or rectify

CHURCH COMMANDMENTS 1. You will sanctify Sundays and holidays of obligation (in France: Christmas, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Assumption, All Saints): by attending Mass and abstaining from activities contrary to keeping the Lord’s day holy (see 3rd command of God). 2. You will go to confession at least once a year. 3. You will receive Communion each year at Paschal Time (from Easter to Pentecost). 4. You will fast or abstain on the appointed days. Fasting and abstinence: Wednesday of the Ashes and Good Friday; abstinence: every Friday of the year (on Fridays other than those of Lent, abstinence can be replaced by a other penance). 5. You will contribute according to your means to the expenses of the Church.


1. Christian duties: effort to strive for the perfection of charity; testimony of consistency between faith and works; fidelity to the vocation received of God ; apostolic dimension of his life; deepening of his faith; help to the Church; respect and obedience to the hierarchy in what depends on its authority. 2. Duties in the family: fidelity and self-sacrifice in marriage; generosity in the procreation and education of children; love and mutual aid; love and assistance to ascendants. 3. Duties in the profession application to work; sense of justice in professional relationships, in contracts. 4. Duties in the city: participation in the life of the city, electoral duty; respect just laws; effort to change unjust laws (abortion, etc.); solidarity with the less fortunate.


We must submit to reason and to the law of God the passions disturbed by original sin and our own sins. We distinguish seven trends that incline to evil: – Pride: disordered love of oneself which engenders ambition, presumption, vainglory, haughty attitudes, worldly vanities. – greed: disorderly attachment to wealth that leads to injustice, hardness of heart, lack of generosity in giving alms, blindness of mind. – lust: opposite vice, see 6th and 9th commandments. – Envy: saddens us at the sight of the qualities or successes of others; generates slander, jealousy, discord, actions that harm others. – gluttony: excess in eating and drinking (alcoholism) which puts endangers our health and causes us to lose possession of ourselves. – anger: makes you lose control of yourself and leads to insults, quarrels, blows… – laziness: inclined to avoid effort in work, the accomplishment of duties.


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