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US: No gas and oil aid for Europe

US: No gas and oil aid for Europe The US will not rescue Europe’s increasingly energy-depleting Europe this winter, say the bosses of America’s largest energy company.

According to the EU bosses, the US is the EU’s partner and can assist the member states of the globalist union and replace the energy from Russia that the EU countries have sanctioned away.

EU countries have already become increasingly dependent on US energy exports and EU leaders have stated that they will increase US gas and oil imports by the winter.

But that won’t happen, writes the Financial Times , citing Wil VanLoh. boss of US energy giant Quantum Energy Partners.

“There will be no rescue operation. No oil, no gas,” VanLoh tells the FT.

According to VanLoh, the US is already producing energy at its maximum capacity, based on the restrictions placed on the energy sector by the Joe Biden administration. An increase in production is therefore not possible.

“It’s not like the US can pump up much more [oil and gas]. Our production is what it is,” says VanLoh.

Recently, the vital North Stream 1 gas pipeline, which runs between Russia and Germany, was shut down “indefinitely”. The announcement came after the pipeline’s last working gas turbine had to be shut down due to Western sanctions, Russia’s Gazprom said.

An EU-imposed ban on Russian crude oil imports will come into effect in December and a ban on Russian petroleum products imports early next year. At the time of writing, the so-called leaders of the EU countries have not yet come up with a real solution to replace the Russian energy.


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