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USA Military Veteran With Top Secret Military Clearance Explains Why Donald Trump Is Still President!!

Everything you’ve witnessed in the last five years is the most monumental historical covert operation to date and Donald Trump is your President by law by order and by regulations of the military and the Constitution. The way its proven is by the National Guard who is activated outside of their state and outside of our country and the only activations of the National Guard came from President Trump.

Active military cannot tell civilians what is going on, by oath and by honor. This is why you have not heard about what is happening in the background, because it is a military operation and the military cannot break their oath.

He mentions pertinent executive orders such as 13848 (Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election), Military Law, National Guard Activation in all 50 states, Declaration of Independence, USA Revolutionary War, the fake inauguration of fake President in 2021, Quantum.gov, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

47 US CODE 606: “War Powers of the President”, which extends President Trump‘s power as President in war WHICH WE ARE IN.

59:00 min mark: Jan 20, 2021 by Military Law and Constitutional Law, President Trump received a full grade military and constitutionally regulated Inauguration ceremony at Joint Base Andrews:

  • He exited Marine One, on the red carpet roll out, on 4th Ruffle of “Hail to the Chief”, the 21-gun salute started. The official presidential salute battery was at the ceremony. Only Presidents receive this.
  • Both Air Force One’s we’re present that day at Joint Base Andrews.

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden was given and received a military regulation funeral service. They left the capital in a funeral procession and went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There was a 3-volley salute with 13 fires which is for funerals only. Biden is a “Minister Resident” – A person who takes up temporary residence in a foreign territory. They did not play “hail to the chief”, they played “Honors March One” which is only played for a Minister Resident. Biden was “sworn in” at 11:47am EST, which is a violation of the 20th amendment of the constitution of the USA which specifically says the President’s term is to begin at 12:00 noon.

GITMO: 4-5 aircraft daily from Mar-A-Lago to GITMO. President Trump and the Pentagon “are spending” $500 million with additional court rooms and space for tens of thousands of prisoners. 

There are 300 military aircraft in the air every single day since January 2021. This tells you there is a heavy military operation happening in the background.

President Trump is Commander in Chief of our Military who is in control. The public will never hear what is happening behind the scenes because of the military oath of secrecy.




IITM: Well… when is the last time you heard someone in military say they answer to Biden? Instead remember when military turned their backs to Biden? Remember Biden using a whitehouse set?

USA Military Veteran With Top Secret Military Clearance (Part 2) – Awoken – On The Corporation Of USA !!



  1. Thanks so much Derrick. You’re such a hero. Armor up and slay those giants. We’re each looking for opportunities to speak the truth and wake people up…. you’ve certainly found yours.
    Where are your documents ?

  2. Derrick might be a veteran with ptsd. The streets are full of veterans like him ranting n raving bout what they/only are privy thru their military clearance. Just like I as a veteran in intelligence were trained. We/I and other veterans did nt try to overturn an election n shred the constitution for my or my guru s sake. Nuts folks don’t necessarily are veterans but other like nut jobs that need to board aeroflot where they may feel more comfy to they re exposed n thrown in the Siberia gulag arrival. Adios, mfers!

  3. Nice replacement for a politico. Guess anybody can be just like one. 1st thing i ask to shut em up is you take the pledge to uphold and defend the constition and the military oath required.

  4. Letter to the 7 th floor of the FBI :

    Congratulations, boys, you’ve set the precedent to prosecute the previous administrations , and since there’s no statute of limitations on murder, some future DOJ can try Holder as an accessory for the deaths of everyone killed by Operation Fast and Furious. Obama , and Hillary can be tried for the deaths of the Boys in Benghazi, and Biden who gave out Seal Team Six identification in his Atlantic Council meeting just weeks prior to them being shot down over Afghanistan can be tried for their deaths.
    We may as well hold Obama responsible for those who died from weaponized drugs since he stopped the persecution of Hezbollah terrorist caught by our DEA in the project Cassandra investigation.
    Let’s go ahead and prosecute George Soros for financing the BLM leadership who were passing out pamphlets in the Dallas riots that said whoever caused the most havoc would receive bonuses. As bonuses infers payments, and the man who murdered 5 police officers did in fact receive a Go Fund me page ( bonuses paid by money laundering) that my friends is murder for hire, 5 counts of felony murder so all coconspirators get 5 murder charges. Didn’t Obama invite the BLM leadership into the White House to sing them praises for their “ organization skills “ that my friends is organized crime, and more Rico act violations with insider trading racketeering to go along with it.
    Didn’t Dick Cheney, and Bush lie us into the Iraq war over bioweapons of mass destruction that truly are in the globalist funded China, and Ukraine labs? Why yes they did. How many deaths are we currently up to?
    Yeah, let’s not forget about all the deaths in Libya, Syria,and Afghanistan ,because of our treasonous rats arming ISIS.
    Thank you FBI you certainly put the past leadership in the crosshairs for treason, and murder crimes.
    This is almost as good as the time Regan declared the war on drugs that put the CIA clandestine drug operations in the crosshairs for treason.
    To bad our FBI was already corrupt, and Reagan took a bullet for it.
    Let’s not forget all those Hillary Clinton suicide coincidences hell we may even find out who killed all the Kennedy’s before we are done cleaning house.

    Tick Tock watch the pen ?, and the clock ?. The pen ? struck paper to open the caper. The guilty were hung, patriots praises were sung. For liberties bell ? once again has been rung.
    ~ Simplestone ~

    This Guy is Highly intelligent, knowledge,
    Fired Up & He is Exactly ,”100% Spot on” with everything he has said here. ( United corp. of America & the removal of our constitution 1871 ,
    Gold fringe on flags, Washington D.C. is not apart of America, all True TO INCLUDE…..
    Our Family has been knowing all this from the start , however we have been awake our entire lives pretty much, DONT WATCH MSM NEWS EVER & we all daily research & share information colectivley & collaborate with others Globally as well.
    We do all our own research, fact checking , & are truth seeking Patriots.
    You Are a True Hero to your Country , “SOLDIER” !!!


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